I just finished up a reorder of custom buttons for Tiger Strikes Asteroid, the co-op gallery Tim is a part of. They have a new show opening Friday night. If you’re in town, take a look see.

I’ve also been working on some new buttons and greeting cards that I’m trying to have ready for the OCCCDA flea market next Saturday (June 13th). I’ll have everything I currently have in the online shop, plus some new stuff. I’m sharing the space with my friend Becky, who makes handbags and dog collars.

Come out and check us out…please!!!



Well, not EXACTLY.

I just wanted to share these donut buttons I made as favors for my friend Gina’s Donut Fest 2009…Where we were presented with six dozen real donuts (+ two boxes of Munchkins)! Mmm, donuts!