Missing In Action

I haven’t posted anything in quite a while. And by quite awhile, I mean
over five months
. I am so bad at this.

The last time I posted, I was wearing flip flops…

the Phillies still had a month left in their season…

and the roses in our back alley were more than just a memory.

Tonight it’s going down to 14ºF. Sigh.

Anyway, I actually have a few potential post ideas up my sleeves, so hopefully they’ll come to fruition soon. I’m also thinking about shaking things up by changing my page theme/layout.

Stay tuned, folks. Exciting things to come. Exciting things, indeed.


iPhone? iPhilly.

Corner of 12th & Filbert Streets

I’ve been hearing some negativity lately regarding iPhone photography. I will admit, the quality/resolution is lacking (although, with every new version, that is improving). But my desire here is not to debate. Rather, I’d like to share the title of Chase Jarvis’ book of iPhone photography:

“The Best Camera is The One
You Have With You.”

I’d been having my own bout of internal conflict regarding the artistic integrity of iPhonography (as some have coined it), but after seeing the above phrase, I started to feel released from the shame. Yes, shame.

Not every photo needs to be a work of art — Sometimes you just want to capture a moment; And sometimes it’s just plain fun.

And think about this — Is it better to take a picture, even one with (gasp!) your phone? Or no picture at all???

My phone is my constant companion (I can’t say the same for my DSLR). This allows me to shoot from the hip, whenever the subject arises — street musicians on my jury duty lunch break, a dead bird on my walk with Moxie, the bridge we cross on the drive to my parents, the magic of an ice cream stand in the summer — These are all images that I’m darn glad I captured — with my phone.

I asked Tim to choose ten of my recent iPhone shots to share here. If you’re interested, I’ll likely be uploading more to my Flickr in the near future.

Nifty Fifty’s, Grant Ave.

Girard Point Bridge, 95 South

Simpson Gymnasium, Northwood

Filming of Friday Night Lights series finale, Frankford Stadium

Oakland Street

Coca-Cola Truck passing Jim’s Automotive, Oxford Ave.

H&S Hardware, Castor Ave.

Twistee Treat, Mayfair.

Feel free to comment. Just be nice. :)

Phinally!!! (I’m back and Ork Philly Poster)

I was so excited about getting an email today, that I have been awakened (at least momentarily) from my blog-less slumber.

Said email, was from Ork Posters. Designer, Jenny Beorkrem, first designed herself a poster of the neighborhoods of Chicago several years ago, after she was unable to find a suitable one to hang in her home. From there, she branched out to other U.S. cities (Brooklyn was an instant classic), and now even has a “map” of the human heart. But…

My current excitement is focused on the long-awaited completion of her PHILADELPHIA posters!!! And not only that, but our little ‘hood of Northwood has finally made it big-time (we have escaped the confines of Frankford)!

(Zooming in on Northwood)

There are phour Philly posters to choose from (all 18″ x 24″) – two that are hand-pulled silk-screened versions, and two that are professionally press-printed. And if you know anything about me, you know that I can’t make a decision…especially not a tough one like this!

I love the idea of Eagles teal on Packing Brown Wrap paper…but “Street Grey” on Berrylicious blue paper? And the pop of white ink on Gumdrop Green? But then, who can resist the classic appeal of Black and White?

Hmm…maybe I should get one of each, and hang them throughout the house…What do youse guys think?