Bigger & Better

Random image, totally unrelated to this post: We’ve had this Hellebore planted in our front yard for several years, but it bloomed for the very first time this month!

Just a quick note to roll out my brand, spankin’ new, bigger and better blog layout. Exciting, right??? I was happy with my previous template, but was often wishing I could post larger images. Well, I finally found a suitable template with a wider main column. Images will now be over 25% larger than before! The text is also a bit bigger, so it should be quite reader-friendly. Not surprisingly, I’d like to tweak a few elements of the template, but WordPress charges a fee to users who want to edit their CSS code. So, I guess I’ll just have to deal.

What you think? Do you like the change?


Missing In Action

I haven’t posted anything in quite a while. And by quite awhile, I mean
over five months
. I am so bad at this.

The last time I posted, I was wearing flip flops…

the Phillies still had a month left in their season…

and the roses in our back alley were more than just a memory.

Tonight it’s going down to 14ºF. Sigh.

Anyway, I actually have a few potential post ideas up my sleeves, so hopefully they’ll come to fruition soon. I’m also thinking about shaking things up by changing my page theme/layout.

Stay tuned, folks. Exciting things to come. Exciting things, indeed.

A Year + A Day

imagine there’s a candle

One month ago, I shared my goal to make more frequent posts before the one-year anniversary of this blog…and it would seem that I have succeeded. After posting only twenty-two times in the past eleven months (averaging to one post every three weeks), I posted twelve times in just one month’s time (one post every two-and-a-half days). I don’t think I’ll ever be a daily poster, but that doesn’t bother me. I’ll just keep plugging away at posting a few times a week. That’s enough for me.

So, Happy (belated) Birthday, little blog. Ya done good.

No. Twenty-Two (#22)

I seems that I have a hard time making posts on a regular basis. I started the Piccolo Takes All blog eleven months ago, and this is only my twenty-second post. That averages out to one post every three weeks! Seriously? That’s pathetic.

(My Westfield hoodie is well over twenty-two years old…)

For some reason, I tell myself that something has to be significant (whatever that means) in order for me to blog about it. Not that any of my previous posts have been mind-blowing or anything. I follow several blogs where people post about everyday things every day, so what exactly is my issue? I need to get better at this blogging thing, or else just give it up.

Giving up would certainly be the easy option…

April 13th will be this lil’ blog’s first birthday… So, I’m going to put it out there and say that I’m going to put a concerted effort into making month twelve a month to be reckoned with…whatever that means. :)

Here Goes Nothin’…


So, here I am, after going back and forth in my mind about whether or not I should try my hand at blogging again. Last time I tried, I ran out of steam within months. I blame that partially on my personality, and partially on the narrow scope of the blog. That is why I’m not going to start off with specific limitations for this one…and hopefully, it will work itself out organically. Hey, a girl can dream, can’t she?