Hi, I’m Vicki…

I don’t write here nearly as often as I think about doing so… I guess you could call me a deadbeat blogger. When I started this blog thing, I didn’t know what direction or focus it would take, or even if it would survive. Up to this point, I haven’t been the best at regularly posting, so the jury is still out. It looks like what started as an experiment, is still just that, an experiment.

My husband, Tim and I have been living in Philadelphia for about a decade, and have spent most of that time working in the fields of museum and graphic design. One of our favorite activities is scavenging furniture discarded by others…Not surprisingly, within several years, we outgrew our little apartment in Fairmount! So, a few years ago, we started our search for a home, and finally settled in a 1914(ish) twin in the North East section of the city. Unfortunately, our new neighborhood has not proven as prolific in the area of rescue-worthy trash, so we’ve found ourselves resorting more often to Craigslist and, even occasionally, Ebay.

After working eight years in graphic design, I now spend most of my days with our two furballs…First came Moxie (our adopted Westie), and more recently, Mr. Moo (a stray cat we decided to take in – and I was not a cat person!). I also make buttons, do some freelance design, and a bit of photography. And every so often, I think about posting here. :)