iPhone? iPhilly.

Corner of 12th & Filbert Streets

I’ve been hearing some negativity lately regarding iPhone photography. I will admit, the quality/resolution is lacking (although, with every new version, that is improving). But my desire here is not to debate. Rather, I’d like to share the title of Chase Jarvis’ book of iPhone photography:

“The Best Camera is The One
You Have With You.”

I’d been having my own bout of internal conflict regarding the artistic integrity of iPhonography (as some have coined it), but after seeing the above phrase, I started to feel released from the shame. Yes, shame.

Not every photo needs to be a work of art — Sometimes you just want to capture a moment; And sometimes it’s just plain fun.

And think about this — Is it better to take a picture, even one with (gasp!) your phone? Or no picture at all???

My phone is my constant companion (I can’t say the same for my DSLR). This allows me to shoot from the hip, whenever the subject arises — street musicians on my jury duty lunch break, a dead bird on my walk with Moxie, the bridge we cross on the drive to my parents, the magic of an ice cream stand in the summer — These are all images that I’m darn glad I captured — with my phone.

I asked Tim to choose ten of my recent iPhone shots to share here. If you’re interested, I’ll likely be uploading more to my Flickr in the near future.

Nifty Fifty’s, Grant Ave.

Girard Point Bridge, 95 South

Simpson Gymnasium, Northwood

Filming of Friday Night Lights series finale, Frankford Stadium

Oakland Street

Coca-Cola Truck passing Jim’s Automotive, Oxford Ave.

H&S Hardware, Castor Ave.

Twistee Treat, Mayfair.

Feel free to comment. Just be nice. :)

9 thoughts on “iPhone? iPhilly.

    • If I knew you were being slapdash (eh?), I should have just used the ones you vetoed! Anyway, no, I didn’t know that. It always seems to be a bother to you when I delay things to take pictures. And you did take photography in college, remember?

  1. O.K. what kind of dead bird was that? It looks like a chicken!
    Love the photos. I’m with you, the iPhone is ultra convenient for spontaneous memory making.

  2. Hey VL, check out The Accidental Masterpiece: On the Art of Life and Vice Versa by Michael Kimmelman. There is a chapter about amateur photography that fits nicely with this post. A quick and enlightening read.

    • Hey Kev. Tim just told me that he has the book! No wonder the cover looked familiar (besides the fact that it brings to mind the cover of Death Cab’s “We Have the Facts and We’re Voting Yes”. So, I will definitely check it out. :)

  3. Hi Vicki,
    I don’t know if you remember me, but I am a friend of Mandy’s and was in the wedding with you. Mandy gave me one of your magnet pins this summer. Its 4 that have the letters LOVE on them. I have a blog called ‘A Whole Lotta Love’, so she thought this would be fun and I really love these magnets. I think they are so great. I was wondering if, when you get etsy store up and running, if you want to promote it through my blog via a giveaway. Let me know. PS. I love your photos here!


  4. These look great! Can’t believe they’re taken with an iPhone… In answer to your question on my blog… yes, more cost effective to have them printed for me plus I get them sent directly from the printer saving me the post office headache. Took a lot of searching though. If you want more details email me :)

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