Our Radishes

Last week, I picked the rest of the radishes left in our little patch. Not only were the radishes full-grown and ready, but the carrots we planted in the same space were begging for more room to stretch out.

Look at all those beautiful greens! I always feel bad about throwing them out (composting, actually). So whenever possible, we wash and save our greens. And tonight, I cooked them in some olive oil with garlic, crushed red pepper, and Gimme Lean (veggie) sausage. Mixed into some thin spaghetti and topped with pecorino romano and black pepper, we all (including Moxie and Moo) gave it a thumbs up!

5 thoughts on “Our Radishes

    • Yes, I forgot to mention the variety of radish is called French Breakfast. They are a more oblong shape. Not quite as pretty as Easter Egg radishes (which I’d like to try next year), but these Frenchies are nice and spicy, which is awesome in my book!

  1. Okay seriously, I’ve been on a radish kick lately. I just can’t seem to get enough of them and I’m sitting here drooling, DROOLING, over those beauties.

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