Oh, Sod it!

Last week, Tim picked up some sod, and we spent an evening laying it down.

Each roll of sod was approximately 2 x 5 feet. Since our plot is about 5.7 x 10, we needed six pieces.

Tim had already cleared and roughly leveled the area after he built the compost bin, but did a once-over with a loop hoe and rake, to get any new weeds that had emerged and to adjust the leveling. While he did that, I picked out the stones that came up. Then we dampened the ground a bit. I don’t know if that’s proper procedure, but we figured it certainly couldn’t hurt.

Rolling out the first piece. Look at how red that soil on the sod is!

We laid the pieces in a brick pattern, so there wouldn’t be a seam line straight across the middle.

Since our plot is not quite six feet wide, we needed to trim a few inches off the center strips.

After we finished laying the pieces, we gave it the best soaking we could with a watering can. After having to fill that can at least ten times (can you say tedious?), we went out the next day to get a little sprinkler.

So, here’s where we’re at:

Here’s hoping that we can keep the grass alive (without too much watering)!

5 thoughts on “Oh, Sod it!

    • Thanks! The turf did really well last summer and all the way up until recently, when it’s just gotten really hit with the heat and lack of rain… Hopefully, we’ll get some rain soon, and it will come back to it’s former glory… :)

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