An Experiment in Growing and Eating

a mix of radish, carrots and mesclun (mainly arugula, kale, and leaf lettuce)

Tim read somewhere that carrots and radishes can be planted together because radishes are quick to mature and should be ready to pick by the time the carrots need more space. When he was planting them, I suggested that we also scatter some mesclun seeds over the same space. My logic was that radishes and carrots mainly grow down and lettuce grows up, so there wouldn’t be too much competition. So, at one end of a raised bed, we have a commingled patch of carrots, radishes, and mesclun. Not sure how it’ll work out. It’s an experiment. But so far, it seems okay.

Earlier this week, I thinned out some of the radishes that were growing too close together and cut some mesclun for our first garden salad of the year. I served it along side grilled veggie burgers topped with Swiss cheese, roasted red peppers and sautéed radish greens (in olive oil with some diced onions). I’d never tried sautéing radish greens before, but I figured they were young and tender enough that it just might work. Tim really liked it. But then again, he likes almost anything… :)

Oh, and I can’t forget the sweet potato fries. Did I ever mention that I love sweet potato fries??? No? Okay, here goes: I loooove sweet potato fries!

How about you? Have you tried anything new in your garden or kitchen lately?

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