April is for Azalea

This is the time of year when our front yard looks it’s best. Everything is filling out, and the new growth is bright and fresh. We have two azalea bushes flanking our walk, and they are finally full of white blooms.

Hopefully the flowers can hold on for at least a week without getting washed away by the forecasted rains.

Our little Moxie-girl

I should be posting more pictures of the perennials in our front yard once I remind myself of the names of all of them.

3 thoughts on “April is for Azalea

  1. You home is so lovely, I day dream of living like this. Sure, people always remind me I should be thankful to be living in New York City but I can’t help but dream about having a home that belongs to me, with space, and quiet! I love that you are taking such good care of an old home. I want to do just that.

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