Trash-Picked: Lane Coffee Table

As I’ve mentioned before, I am an avid (to put it nicely) trash-picker. Well, apparently, this has rubbed off on my husband. A while back, he text-messaged me, saying he had picked up a coffee table he found lying at a curb. On his morning drive from studio to work, something caught his eye, and he actually backed up to check it out (Did I train him well or what?)! The finish wasn’t perfect, and it was missing it’s glass top, but he saw the piece’s potential, and was wise enough to throw it in the back of the car before continuing on his way.

This is the picture he sent me from his phone when he got to work…

…and here it is sitting in limbo in our sun porch:

The finish needs to be cleaned up, and obviously, it needs a glass top. I initially thought I had a piece of plate glass that would fit (a previous trash-pick), but it wasn’t quite long enough for the 59″ long table. So, we’re still on the look-out.

Moo and Moxie inspect the new addition…

I haven’t been able to find out much about this table. I’ve seen other Lane tables here and there, but very few reference to this particular  one. It certainly seems to be less common than the Lane Acclaim line. As for it’s age, the curves of the legs remind me of our Brasilla breakfront by Broyhill, which dates from the early 1960’s. So that would be my rough guess at this table’s vintage as well.

Apartment Therapy, recently pointed to a post on Craigslist where a seller was asking $395 for the same table. Is it actually worth that much? I doubt it. Especially not in this condition. But we like it regardless of it’s value. Hopefully at some point in the (near?) future, I’ll post an image of it cleaned up, complete, and in our living room.

What’s your opinion on trash-picking? If you’re a fan, do you get self-conscious while doing it? or are you a proud picker? And, please share one of your recent / favorite finds!

4 thoughts on “Trash-Picked: Lane Coffee Table

  1. When my family first moved to Northwood every Monday night we would go trash hunting or on the way to take my daughter to nursery school Tuesday morning. Then one sunny morning a child yelled out the school window “Trash picker” to which I replied “your mother”. I know VERY mature… but he started it!
    I’m a proud picker my kids on the other hand are mortified when I say “wait, slow down”. I habit has also rubbed off on Pete and he has been known to have pick up a thing or two. Some folks get all bent out of shape but its NOT stealing. If you put on the curve your basically saying please take this crap.

  2. Oooo…nice! I always look at people’s trash when I drive by, but the only thing that ever shows up around here is crusty old couches- and I will NOT pick up upholstered items.

    And no, it’s definitely not stealing. As soon as things go out for the trash they’re public property (hasn’t everyone seen the cops searching the trash on Law & Order?!)

  3. My mom and I fished an old butcher bench out of a farm’s burn pile a few years ago. We had to get rid of it this year because it was almost rotted through, but it was so much fun to find. Man it was heavy though!

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