A Bit of Progress in the Backyard

We took advantage of the essentially perfect weather over the past few weekends, to make a bit of headway in the backyard.

Tim put in wood edging around the center area that will eventually be planted with sod (when we last checked, Home Depot and Lowe’s had not yet received their shipments).

We moved one of the asparagus crowns closer to the deck, so we’d have more room to build a compost pile in the back corner (sorry, no picture). Then Tim installed edging around the asparagus bed while I groomed Moxie.

Moxie looking cute(r) after her trim.

Tim leveled and tamped the soil around the left raised bed, put down weed-blocking fabric, and finally, six bags of cedar mulch.
Our next step is to do the same thing around the other raised bed.

BTW, the trash can is full of shredded leaves, which we add to our kitchen scraps when composting.

There sure is a whole lot of wood going on back there…

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