Dear Chair,

You had a hard life.

It was clear you’d been through much even before we found you by the side of the road. A previous owner had attempted to refinish you, but obviously didn’t know what they were doing (your coloring was uneven and splotchy). After bringing you home, I had grand intentions to sand, paint, and reupholster you. But rather, you were relegated to storage in our damp basemenwhen t for several years with other “project” chairs. You saw the glorious light of day during the past winter’s snow storms, only to serve valiantly as our “urban parking space holder”. And for that, dear chair, I thank you. Yet, how have I shown my appreciation? By leaving you outside since. You deserved so much better.

You certainly didn’t deserve to be thrown to the curb again by a man (I’m ashamed to admit – my husband!), who didn’t want to take the time to mend you. My only hope is that you were rescued from the crushing jaws of the trash truck by a kinder soul than I…Someone who will lovingly restore you and give you a rightful place at their desk or dinner table.

I am honestly glad that I happened to take this picture the day before you moved on.

3 thoughts on “Dear Chair,

  1. oh my gosh I was so amused and saddened by this story as I myself have six chairs I need to redo in my garage that match my 50’s table;)

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