No. Twenty-Two (#22)

I seems that I have a hard time making posts on a regular basis. I started the Piccolo Takes All blog eleven months ago, and this is only my twenty-second post. That averages out to one post every three weeks! Seriously? That’s pathetic.

(My Westfield hoodie is well over twenty-two years old…)

For some reason, I tell myself that something has to be significant (whatever that means) in order for me to blog about it. Not that any of my previous posts have been mind-blowing or anything. I follow several blogs where people post about everyday things every day, so what exactly is my issue? I need to get better at this blogging thing, or else just give it up.

Giving up would certainly be the easy option…

April 13th will be this lil’ blog’s first birthday… So, I’m going to put it out there and say that I’m going to put a concerted effort into making month twelve a month to be reckoned with…whatever that means. :)


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