pizza night

Last week, I decided to try to my hand at making some whole wheat pizza dough from a recipe in an issue of Everyday Food. I made one batch of dough (I had wanted to double it, but didn’t have enough yeast), shaped six amorphous mini-crusts, and froze them for later use.

Normally, on a Tuesday evening, we would have gathered with several other families in our neighborhood for Pizza Night. But last night, our gracious hostess wanted a break from hosting, so we were all on our own. With pizza already on our minds, Tim and I broke out the frozen crusts for our own little pizza night at home.

I made up four pizzas (although three would have sufficed): green pepper & onion, fresh tomato with Pecorino Romano & arugula, and two variations on margherita (one with ricotta and one without). Considering it was my first time making the crust recipe, they came out well (although, next time, I will bake them a bit longer to get the crusts nice and crispy). Paired with a Sam Adams Black Lager, they were (as my Grandpa Andy used to say), “Dahhh-licious”.

So, here’s to pizza nights…both big and little.

P.S. – I’ve been working on getting all my stuff ready for the OCCCDA flea market on Saturday, and I should have a few sneak pictures here tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “pizza night

    • Since it was my first time making the recipe, I did not want to risk sharing it, since I had no idea how it would turn out. Also, since I was unable to double the recipe, there was not nearly enough. On a final note, I’ve heard that the family that hosts Pizza Night has very particular taste.

    • My favorites were the tomato, pecorino, & arugula with the peppers & onions running a close second. Tim liked the margherita with ricotta best. I’m thinking I need a pizza stone (or two!) so I can get the texture of the crust just right.

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