Craigslist Find (One Down, One to Go!)

After a few negative experiences, I had sworn it off for a while. But in the past few months we have found a couple of good things at good prices, sold by good people.
I now have a somewhat renewed faith in Craigslist.

Just last night, we picked up this vintage butterfly chair from a couple in the Italian Market section of Philly. The wife said it was her favorite chair, but the husband didn’t like it. With space in their loft at a minimum, it had to go. And we were glad to take it off their hands!

The frame is in great shape, and the seat is a newer canvas one from Circa50. The only requirement was to give the cover a washing and a good once over with a lint roller (it was coated with black cat hair) – no biggie.

All for less than the cost of a new cover alone! Yay Craigslist!

So, thanks Lillian and Ed! Don’t worry, we promise to take good care of it!

6 thoughts on “Craigslist Find (One Down, One to Go!)

    • Hey Sarah –
      I don’t claim to be a Craigslist expert by any means… but there are a ton of listings on there, so it can be a bit overwhelming.

      My suggestion would be to start out searching as specifically as you can. Then, if you don’t find anything, broaden your search term. Also try different phrases and words. Think about how someone other than yourself would list the item. These listings are made by regular people, and sometimes they don’t even know what they have.

      Which brings me to another topic. Images. I will not go to see an item in person, if I don’t see an actual image of the item first. It ends up being a waste of time for both parties. You can limit your search results to only get listings with images, but you may miss a good listing that way. The butterfly chair listing had an image, but it was not of the actual chair for sale. It was an image from, which sells reproduction butterfly chairs. So, when I got a response from the seller, I asked if they could send me some images of the actual chair, which they did. I also had to request images for the other Craigslist purchase we made this year. I think sometimes people just want to get a listing up quickly, and don’t take the time to shoot some images of the item.

      As for prices, there is some wiggle room to haggle (unless a listing says FIRM)…but do so wisely. You can ask the seller through email or phone if they’d be willing to take a lower price. I don’t think it’s fair to the seller to bring that up first in person. Most of the time, though, If I think a price is fair, I go with it.

      Last but not least, you have to be patient. There have been many times I’ve emailed a lister, and have not heard back. It seems many people fail to remove their listings after an item has sold, and don’t feel it necessary to write a simple response. It can be frustrating. But if you persevere, you may eventually find what you’re looking for!

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