Yes, it is True…

I actually made the bed TWO DAYS IN A ROW!
Believe me, folks, this is quite a feat. It usually looks more like this:

I’m curious whether people make their beds on a regular basis (once they are “grown  up” and don’t have their parents nagging them to do it)…

7 thoughts on “Yes, it is True…

  1. Yep, as soon as I get out of it.
    It makes the room look 10 times cleaner than it really is.. so that way i don’t have to straighten up the rest as often :P

    I’m neurotic but lazy.

  2. Yes. I do. Even though I have a thing with unmade beds (they’re so inviting to crawl into), my tiny room looks a wreck if I don’t make it in the morning.

  3. Matt always makes the bed, unless the cats are lazy and won’t get out. I’m surprised that you don’t make your bed every day too.

  4. Heck no! Neither of us make the bed, unless we know that someone is coming to “tour” our house or see new improvements. I hate making the bed – knowing that in a few hours it will be messed up again.

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